Kwikset 917 vs Kwikset 955 – A Comprehensive Comparison

Kwikset is well-known for creating cutting-edge security systems, notably door locks. Within its outstanding array, the Kwikset 917 and Kwikset 955 stand out as significant candidates, each with exceptional features that provide a quandary for buyers looking for the best match. This article compares Kwikset 917 vs Kwikset 955 to help you make an informed choice about your home or business security needs.

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Kwikset 917 vs 955: Key Differences

Exploring Kwikset 917

The Kwikset 917, a touchscreen deadbolt lock, caters to both residential and commercial applications. Its repertoire includes a motorized deadbolt, operable through a PIN code, key fob, or physical key. Armed with the SmartKey Security feature, rekeying becomes a swift affair, while BHMA Grade 2 certification vouches for durability and security. Integration with smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant empowers users with voice or smartphone control. The amalgamation of sleek design and advanced security renders the Kwikset 917 a compelling choice for those in pursuit of a reliable and convenient electronic lock.

Features of Kwikset 917:

  • Keyless entry: Eliminating the need for traditional keys, the Kwikset 917 introduces code-based door unlocking.
  • Auto-lock: After 30 seconds of inactivity, the Kwikset 917 automatically secures the door, ensuring perpetual home safety.
  • Easy installation: A user-friendly design facilitates a quick installation process, requiring only a screwdriver.
  • Customizable codes: Grant access to up to 30 users, a practical feature for accommodating family, housekeepers, or contractors.
  • Backlit keypad: Operating seamlessly in low-light conditions, the Kwikset 917’s backlit keypad enhances visibility.
  • SmartKey technology: Streamlining rekeying without locksmith intervention, the SmartKey technology adds an extra layer of convenience.
  • Low battery indicator: A preemptive warning system notifies users of dwindling battery levels, preventing unexpected lockouts.
  • One-touch locking: Effortlessly secure your home with a single touch, streamlining the departure routine.
  • Security features: Crafted with a bump-proof and pick-resistant lock cylinder, the Kwikset 917 prioritizes security.
  • Compatibility with smart home systems: Seamless integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant offers voice and smartphone control.

Pros and Cons of Kwikset 917:


  • Keyless entry ensures door access without physical keys.
  • Simple installation with a screwdriver, aided by a backlit keypad for night-time use.
  • Robust security features, including automatic locking, tamper-resistant cover, and bump guard.
  • Customizable user codes facilitate efficient management of access.
  • Compatibility with home automation systems, such as Z-Wave, enabling remote control.


  • Some users reported connectivity issues, particularly with home automation systems.
  • Potential for battery drain, necessitating frequent replacements.
  • Durability concerns raised by users, with reports of easy scratching of the lock finish.
  • Comparatively higher price point in the electronic lock market.
  • Visibility challenges for the backlit keypad in bright sunlight.

Exploring Kwikset 955

The Kwikset 955 represents a paradigm of smart lock design, engineered to deliver advanced security features and remote control functionality. Encompassing keyless entry, touchpad access, mobile app compatibility, and voice control integration, this model seeks to elevate security and convenience for homeowners and businesses alike.

Features of Kwikset 955:

  • Touchscreen keypad: Effortless entry is facilitated by the touchscreen keypad of the Kwikset 955.
  • SmartKey technology: Enabling homeowners to rekey the lock autonomously in seconds, circumventing the need for a locksmith.
  • Auto-locking: Ensuring the door is consistently locked, the Kwikset 955 engages auto-lock after 30 seconds of being unlocked.
  • Easy installation: A user-friendly installation process is complemented by included tools and hardware.
  • One-touch locking: Simplifying usage, the Kwikset 955 permits door locking with a single touch.
  • Battery backup: Uninterrupted functionality is guaranteed by a battery backup system, even in the event of a power outage.
  • Multiple access codes: Up to 30 distinct access codes can be assigned to family members, guests, or service providers.
  • Secure Screen technology: The Kwikset 955 incorporates Secure Screen technology to thwart “smudge attacks” based on fingerprints or keypad smudges.

Pros and Cons of Kwikset 955:


  • Remote control capability through smartphones and devices, including temporary access assignment and access history monitoring.
  • Advanced encryption technology coupled with a tamper-proof cover for enhanced security.
  • User-friendly installation with clear instructions and comprehensive hardware.
  • Priceless than traditional locks, with added features requiring a smart hub or device for remote control.
  • Robust battery backup system ensuring continued functionality.


  • Higher cost compared to conventional locks, with additional expenses for remote control setup.
  • Compatibility verification required for integration with specific smart home systems.
  • Dependency on batteries with periodic replacements, posing a risk of lockout if neglected.

Kwikset 917 vs 955: Comparison Table

FeatureKwikset 917Kwikset 955
Design & UseResidential keypad electronic leverCommercial/residential electronic lever
Keyless EntryYesYes
SmartKey TechnologyNoYes
InstallationEasy DIYEasy DIY
Battery Requirement4 AA batteries4 AA batteries
Battery LifeGenerally longer due to simpler useMay vary based on usage
User CodesMultiple user codes availableMultiple user codes with management options
Smart Home CompatibilityNoNo
Ideal ForEntryways, garagesOffices, side entrances, high-security residential areas
WarrantyLimited lifetime on mechanics and finish, 1-year electronicsLimited lifetime on mechanics and finish, 1-year electronics
Security LevelSuitable for residential useHigher security with SmartKey and commercial use
Price RangeGenerally more affordableSlightly higher, reflecting added features
Kwikset 917 vs 955 Feature Comparison Table

For more details, check the video for the Kwikset 917 vs Kwikset 955 so that you can make better decision.

Kwikset 917 vs 955

FAQs about Kwikset 917 vs Kwikset 955

Q1: What is the main difference between the Kwikset 917 vs Kwikset 955?
A1: The Kwikset 917 is primarily a keypad electronic lever designed for residential use with a keyless entry option, while the Kwikset 955 is a lever with both keypad and SmartKey functionalities, aimed more at commercial or higher security residential applications.

Q2: In comparison to Kwikset 917 vs 955, which one can be used on exterior doors?
A2: Both models are suitable for exterior doors. The Kwikset 917 is often used for entryways or garages, whereas the 955, with its added security features, is ideal for offices, side entrances, or high-security areas in homes.

Q3: Do both models offer SmartKey re-key technology?
A3: Only the Kwikset 955 comes with SmartKey re-key technology, allowing you to re-key the lock yourself in seconds. The Kwikset 917 does not have this feature.

Q4: Are the Kwikset 917 and 955 compatible with smart home systems?
A4: Neither the Kwikset 917 nor the 955 are inherently smart locks and do not directly integrate with smart home systems. However, their electronic keypad functionality provides a modern layer of convenience without the need for smart home compatibility.

Q5: How do the Kwikset 917 and 955 handle battery life and power?
A5: Both models are battery-powered, requiring 4 AA batteries. They feature low battery indicators but differ slightly in battery life due to their different functionalities, with the 917 generally offering a longer battery life due to its simpler functionality.

Q6: Can the Kwikset 917 and 955 be installed on any door?
A6: Both locks are designed to fit most standard doors. The installation process is straightforward, with detailed instructions provided. However, door thickness and material can affect installation, so it’s advisable to check compatibility before purchasing.

Q7: What warranty comes with the Kwikset 917 and 955?
A7: Kwikset offers a limited lifetime warranty on the mechanical parts and finish of both models, with a 1-year electronics warranty, ensuring confidence in their durability and performance.

Q8: How do user codes work on the Kwikset 917 and 955?
A8: Both the Kwikset 917 and 955 allow for multiple user codes, making it easy to grant access to family members, guests, or employees. The 917 focuses on simplicity, while the 955 offers more options for code management suitable for businesses or rental properties.


In comparison, both the Kwikset 917 vs 955 stand out in the vast field of smart lock products, providing exceptional features and uncompromising protection. The Kwikset 917’s touchscreen sophistication vs the Kwikset 955’s pricing shows a complex decision for consumers. Bluetooth connectivity, robust encryption, and simple Kwikset app downloads unite the two models in their commitment to enhancing security while ensuring simplicity of use.

Ultimately, the choice between Kwikset 917 vs 955 is based on personal preferences and financial constraints. Regardless of the model chosen, you can be assured that both locks will serve as formidable guardians, effortlessly blending protection and convenience for your home.

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