The OrangeIOT Keypad Lock Programming Instructions

If you own an OrangeIOT Keyless entry lock, whether new or old, you can program it using the instructions provided on this page. In this guide, we will go through each step of OrangeIOT Keypad Lock Programming Instructions.

The OrangeIOT Keypad Deadbolt: How to Change the Master Code

One such smart lock that can be operated using a smartphone app is the OrangeIOT keyless door lock. When you get close to the door, the lock’s built-in sensor will sense it. You can enter your home without needing any actual keys because it will automatically unlock the door.

You may set up the lock with the master code, and if you ever forget your password or key code, you can use it to reset it. The OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Lock’s default 8-digit programming code is 123456789.

To update the main code:

  • On the lock’s front panel, press and hold the “SETTING” button. An LED will begin to glow on the panel.
  • To input your previous master code, press any four numbers on the keypad. When a number is entered correctly, a “beep” will be heard.
  • Pick any four digits from the keypad to input your new master code. When a number is entered correctly, a “beep” will be heard.
  • Press and hold down the “SETTING” button and one of the unlock buttons on the lock’s side simultaneously. If everything went according to plan, you should now hear three beeps to indicate that your new Master Code is set!

Keep in mind that the Master Code sequence is always 12345678 and in a forward ordering of numbers. It also means the series of numbers can’t be repeated or run backwards.

At all times, the old Master Code and the new one must be totally distinct. None of the supported number sequences—forward, backward, or repeated—are available.

Protect Your OrangeIOT Keypad with a Passcode

  • Collect the 6-digit number that serves as your user code.
  • On the keypad, press and hold the “Lock” button until you hear a beep.
  • Just hit the appropriate keys on the keypad to input your user code.
  • Once your code has been entered correctly, you will hear a second beep.

Set Up an OrangeIOT Keypad Lock with a One-Time Password

A temporary password known as a one-time user code should only be used once. If your usual lock code is ever forgotten or your mobile device goes missing, you can use this code to unlock your device. To further safeguard your house from intruders, you can set up an additional layer of protection using a one-time user code. Whenever you need to go inside quickly or if you’ve misplaced your keys, this can come in handy.

  • To begin, input your present Master Code by pressing the OrangeIOT button twice.
  • The OrangeIOT button should be pressed again.
  • Press the OrangeIOT button again after entering a new One-time User Code by pressing the number 7 on the keypad.
  • Finish by pressing the OrangeIOT button once you re-enter the new One-time User Code.

Unlock Your OrangeIOT Keypad Without Entering a Password

  • Entering the master code and pressing the “delete” button on the OrangeIOT keypad lock will remove a user code.
  • A confirmation prompt will follow, asking if you would like to remove the current user code. To delete a user code, hit “Yes” or “OK,” or “No” to cancel.
  • Press “Yes” or “OK” to confirm your selection after you’ve made your choice. The user code from your OrangeIOT keypad lock can be removed by pressing either of these buttons.

Set the OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Lock to Auto-Lock or Disable It.

You can set a timer to have the lock locked automatically when a certain amount of time has passed. If you ever find yourself forgetting to lock your door, this will help.

The default setting disables this feature, so you’ll need to manually enable it. Just follow these procedures to activate the auto-lock feature:

To access your current and active Master Code, press and hold the OrangeIOT button twice.

  • Once, press the OrangeIOT button.
  • On the keypad, press number five.
  • After that, to activate auto-lock, click the OrangeIOT button followed by number 1.
  • With one small adjustment, you can disable the Auto-Lock feature by following the same instructions. In the last stage, press number 2 rather than 1.

Set the OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Lock to Auto-Lock with a Delay Modification

You have the option to customize the time delay (10-99 seconds) before auto-locking using the OrangeIOT Lock. You can adjust the delay time as follows:

  • Enter your current Master Code after holding the OrangeIOT button down twice.
  • Press the OrangeIOT button to continue.
  • Enter your preferred delay time, which should be between 10 and 99 seconds, by pressing the number 8 key on the keypad.
  • The last step is to hit the OrangeIOT button.

Find the OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Lock and Turn It On for Vacation Mode

You should activate vacation mode to guarantee the safety of your home while you’re away. The process is as follows:

  • When the screen becomes blue and the word “VACATION” appears in big white letters, press and hold the “Away” button for three seconds. A confirmation tone will also be audible to you.
  • If asked, enter your passcode to open the door.
  • When you go back from your vacation, enter a new passcode. While you’re away, no one will be able to return to your house without your knowledge or consent thanks to this.

Get in and out of an OrangeIOT keyless entry lock easily.

From the outside, you can open the door by pressing the OrangeIOT button and entering either your Master Code or a valid User Code. Additionally, the inside can be unlocked by turning the thumb to the unlock position.

  • Press and hold any key on the keypad for approximately 2 seconds to lock the door from the outside.
  • Revolving the thumb turn locks the position from the inside.

Return the OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Lock to Its Original State

  • Until the device’s LED flashes blue and then red, press and hold the two buttons.
  • After you’ve let go of both buttons, push and let go of the “reset” button (the one below and closest to the Ethernet jack).
  • After a successful reset, the LED will blink green once.

OrangeIOT lock change code programming instructions

Keyless Entry Lock by OrangeIOT: FAQs

First of all, why would someone want a keyless entry lock?

A keyless entry lock’s primary function is to eliminate the need to lug around a key when entering and leaving your house. Having something on hand can be really helpful, particularly when you’re carrying about a lot of other items. Additionally, unlike with conventional locks, it allows you entry to your house even if you misplace the key.

OrangeIOT Keyless Entry Lock: How to Set It Up?

Installing a keyless entry lock from OrangeIOT is a breeze. After you’ve gotten the lock set up with your Wi-Fi, you’ll need to sign up for an app account and then use Bluetooth or near field communication to link the lock to the app. After that, all you have to do is use your phone to scan the lock’s QR code and input the code that your doorbell camera or intercom system gave you. The app will detect the device and notify you when it’s successfully connected.

Thirdly, how big is the OrangeIOT keyless front door lock?

Doors with a thickness of up to 42 mm can be easily secured with the OrangeIOT Keyless entry Lock. Glass panels with a thickness of up to 2 mm can also use it.

Could you tell me the batteries that it uses?

Under typical use, the four AA batteries used by the OrangeIOT keyless entry lock should last for around three months.

What is the duration of the device’s charging time?

Using the USB cord that included with your purchase, it takes approximately three hours to charge it completely from empty.

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