Schlage vs Emtek: Detailed Comparison of Features and Benefits.

Commercial door locks offer several advantages over their traditional and domestic counterparts. The key advantage over regular door locks is their improved security features.

When it comes to choosing the best door locks for your home or company, Emtek and Schlage are two top competitors.

Here’s a quick comparison between Schlage Vs Emtek.

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Schlage Vs Emtek Door Lock

Emtek locks are quite stylish. They are the trendsetters in door hardware and high-quality locks, with many modern and updated designs. It’s like hosting a fashion show for your doors.

Schlage, on the other hand, provides more economical products that allow you to secure your business in a more practical manner.

Both companies allow you to personalize with various backplate designs and finishes to complement your home style.

Schlage vs Emtek Comparison Table

ReputationRating AAA-CCC by the BHMAANSI/BHMA Grade 1-3
Price RangeBetween $30 to $1000Between 100 to more than $1000
Key ControlKey duplication easeRestricted key control
Ease of InstallationEasy installationEasy installation
Accessibility FeaturesSchlage Home AppYale Access App
Product AvailabilityWidely Available Special Order Items
Electronic FeaturesSense Smart DeadboltEMPowered Smart Lock
Smart Home CompatibilityOffline, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth CompatibleOffline, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Compatible

Schlage vs Emtek: Pros and Cons

Schlage Locks

1. Renowned for durability and security.1. Aesthetics might be less diverse compared to Emtek.
2. Wide range of products fitting various budgets.2. Some high-tech models may be complex to install.
3. Advanced security features in smart locks.3. Limited high-end, luxury designs.
4. Generally easier to find and replace.
5. Often integrates well with home automation systems.

Emtek Locks

1. Known for high-quality materials and craftsmanship.1. Generally more expensive than Schlage.
2. Offers a wide range of stylish and custom designs.2. Limited availability compared to more common brands like Schlage.
3. Customization options for a personalized look.3. Replacement parts can be more costly and harder to find.
4. Good balance between security and aesthetics.
5. Suitable for luxury homes and high-end installations.

Schlage vs Emtek – Key Differences

Door Levers

Emtek and Schlage employed almost identical finishes on their levers. Emtek door levers featured wrought steel, polished nickel brass, solid forged brass, bright brass, and other finishes. 

Schlage, on the other hand, used aged bronze, matte black, satin nickel, and satin brass.

These fabrics are among the most durable and versatile styles. However, the materials utilized indicate that Emtek has a more sturdy build.

Door Knobs

Emtek excels in the feel of an excellent door knob, providing a robust and pleasant tactile sensation. In contrast, some users have reported that Schlage’s knobs are less solid and have a “hollow” feel to them. 

For those prepared to spend money, Emtek door locks and hardware stand out at a higher price range than Schlage. 

While locksmiths prefer Schlage for security, Emtek delivers a quality feel to your knobs.

Options for Personalization & Design

While Schlage’s devices have similar traits and functions, Emtek stresses design and customisation, offering a variety of finishes and materials.

Assume you’re looking for alternative door hardware that allows for a truly distinctive and individualized touch. In such situation, Emtek stands out due to its broad selection, making it the preferred choice for design-conscious customers.

Lock Styles

While both brands provide high-quality door knobs, deadbolts, and other hardware designs, Emtek has a more diverse selection of door lock styles and finishes. 

Emtek also provides complete customization of lock styles, such as art nouveau, American classics, American designer, and rustic lifestyle. It allows you to specify the type of product you want for a single lockset in your order. 

Schlage locks, on the other hand, have a classic and traditional appearance, with three lock designs and four finishes to choose from.

Lock Types

Schlage offers a diverse range of lock types, but Emtek is noted for more robust designs and door lock kinds. Schlage offers electrical locks, smart locks, and single and double-cylinder deadbolts to suit your needs.

Meanwhile, Emtek manufactures tubular locks, side plates, electrical and mortise locks. They also use a deadbolt mechanism, which increases security. 


Both Schlage and Emtek provide lifetime limited warranty coverage for its door hardware, which includes mechanical and finish wear.

The Oil Rubbed Bronze finish is not covered by Schlage or Emtek warranties because it is supposed to change appearance with time, creating a rustic aged effect. 

Emtek also does not cover other living finishes such as rust, deep burgundy, flat black patina, and silver patina. 

Content Quality

Brass knobs are well-known for their long-lasting toughness and corrosion resistance. They were the first and most common choice for door knobs. 

While both manufacturers share many qualities, particularly in similar product categories, Emtek’s adherence to solid brass construction provides their goods an advantage in terms of durability and craftsmanship.

Emtek’s pricing is frequently greater than Schlage’s due to material differences. 

FAQ’s: Schlage vs Emtek Door Locks

1. What distinguishes Schlage locks from Emtek locks in terms of design and aesthetics?
Schlage offers a wide range of locks that blend well with both traditional and modern home designs, focusing on simplicity and security. Emtek, however, is known for its customizability and variety of unique, high-end designs, catering to those looking for a more personalized touch in their home aesthetics.

2. How do Schlage and Emtek compare in terms of technology and smart lock features?
Schlage has made significant inroads into the smart lock market, especially with its Encode and Sense models, which offer Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with major smart home ecosystems, and high-security standards. Emtek’s smart lock offerings, like the EMPowered Smart Lock, also provide connectivity and compatibility with smart home systems but tend to focus more on integrating smart technology with artisanal lock designs.

3. Are Schlage locks more affordable than Emtek locks?
Generally, Schlage locks are considered more budget-friendly, offering a wide range of options at various price points that cater to both standard and smart lock markets. Emtek, on the other hand, positions itself in the premium segment, with its customizability options and artisanal designs often commanding a higher price.

4. How does the installation process compare between Schlage and Emtek locks?
Both Schlage and Emtek locks are designed to fit standard pre-drilled doors, and many users find the installation process straightforward for both brands. However, due to the customizable nature of Emtek products, some specific designs may require professional installation or adjustments to your door.

5. In terms of durability and security, how do Schlage locks stack up against Emtek locks?
Schlage is well-regarded for its commitment to security, offering locks with high-grade security ratings and durable constructions suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Emtek also provides a high level of craftsmanship and security, with a focus on using quality materials. However, Schlage’s wider adoption and focus on security technology might give it an edge in the eyes of consumers prioritizing security features.


Finally, your decision between Emtek and Schlage door locks will be based on your preferences and requirements. Schlage’s door locks, deadbolts, smart locks, and levers are affordable and reliable, making them appropriate for a wide range of businesses and households. 

Emtek door locks, on the other hand, offer high-end craftsmanship and customization, making them ideal for individuals who value style and individuality to complement their business’s interior and concept. 

When making a decision, take into account your budget, security needs, and design preferences.

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